It’s a Spring Thing

Spring is a very special season in so many ways. Spring also brings with it plenty of opportunities. What does spring mean to you? Please pause and give yourself a moment or two to really contemplate this question. Don’t cheat yourself of this awareness, pause now before you read on. When I think of Spring […]

So Simple, So Powerful, So Many Benefits

What if I told you that there is something so simple, so powerful, so healing that can give you more peace, more fulfillment, more energy, a healthier mind and body, it only takes minutes a day and it is free, would you do it?  Of course you would. So are you ready for the big reveal? […]

Finding Out How You Do You

Life has different seasons, cycles and rhythms. One of the ways NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) and SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration) address healing is through The Four Sacred Seasons of Wellbeing. When we find ourselves stressed out, frustrated, overwhelmed, fearful, in pain or nothing seems to be working; welcome to The Season of Discover. We are […]

Are You Physically Fit?

Being physically fit is part of a wellness lifestyle. It is the ability to perform daily tasks vigorously and alertly, with energy left over for enjoying leisure time activities and meeting emergency demands. Everybody knows that exercise is good for them. Why do people find excuses not to do something that can improve their quality […]

Do You have a Question?

The type of questions you ask yourself will determine the direction life will take you. Ask questions to answer events in the past and you will live from your past. Ask questions at the same level of thinking that created a challenge and you will not succeed. In order to grow and evolve we need […]

There’s “More”to Life!

“If you could have anything in life what would it be?” People’s answers usually contain the word “more” or infer “more”. More peace, more money, more love, healthier, happier, they have some and they desire “more”. You have the ability to have some; why not more? In helping practice members manifest the life changes and […]

Do You Want Growth or Defense?

It’s a fact that cells cannot be in growth and defense simultaneously. Why is that significant? Humans are a collection of 50 trillion highly specialized cells. While in defense, when cells reproduce they produce cells slightly inferior in health. Over time this creates less healthy tissues, glands, organs and eventually a less healthy human being. […]

The Simple Truth About Your Symptoms

Symptoms mean three things: Stop Listen Do/think/be something different…NOW. Your multi trillion cell body began as two cells. The innate intelligence that took those cells and made you didn’t leave at birth. Health is when your innate intelligence is expressed through every cell. The body gets your attention with symptoms. It’s a signal that you’re […]

This Can Help to Lighten Your Load

It seems like a new buzz word in health these days is “Detox.” Whether it is Detox Diet, Detox Cleanse, Detox for weight loss or Detox ”whatever” there is information you need to know to have a safe and effective detoxification process. So with almost 30 years of experience putting together Detox programs for my […]

A Test That Identifies Hidden body Stress and How It’s Affecting Your Health

Here at Abbruzzese Wellness helping you reverse the effects of hidden body stress is what we do best! Did you know that daily stress, if left unchecked, can affect your body and health? Gaining weight, having trouble sleeping, aging too rapidly, lack of energy can all be related to your stress. We now has an […]

Access Your Inner Healer

If you could address a health problem or just be healthier in a natural non-invasive way (without drugs or surgery) would you be interested? In my experience, people generally prefer a more natural way of healing. So, why do the majority of people still turn first to these invasive methods? Because, they haven’t discovered an […]

Healthy, Happy (less stressed) Holidays

The holiday season can bring an abundance of joy, laughter and celebration. This is also the time of year when stress and anxiety can climb to all time highs. So what can we do to enjoy the holidays and stay healthy? First we start with learning that stress comes in three flavors: mental/emotional, environmental, and […]