It’s a Spring Thing

Spring is a very special season in so many ways. Spring also brings with it plenty of opportunities. What does spring mean to you? Please pause and give yourself a moment or two to really contemplate this question. Don’t cheat yourself of this awareness, pause now before you read on.

When I think of Spring (it being my favorite season) I connect with the energy of change, creation, of starting anew. I get excited about nature waking up from its’ long winters sleep. I love watching the trees and flowers explode with color. I think of a clean fresh start; clearing out draws, closets or garages that accumulated all sorts of stuff that no longer serve my needs. I look forward to getting outdoors and being more active. I connect with the infinite possibilities that are ahead of me.

Three recommendations:

Here are my 3 courses of action that are assured to help you take advantage of the abundant renewing energy of Spring:

Get Out and Get About

We are part of nature. We are part of everything that makes up the natural universe. As Joni Mitchell wrote, in her song Woodstock, “We are stardust” and it turns out that she was right according to the science. When we commune with nature we actually derive a multitude of health benefits. Whether you are digging in your garden, walking on the beach, or sitting on a rock during a long hike, you are in contact with the earth and your body is exchanging electrical charges with the earth. This is called earthing or grounding. When we let ourselves be with nature we literally recharge our batteries.

  • Grounding/Earthing has shown benefits for inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and the prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
  • When in natural settings we tend to feel calmer amd more relaxed which comes from the electrical ions effecting and recharging the nervous system and all of our cells.

Reorganize Goals & Resolutions

Spring is a great time to check off the goals that have been accomplished so far, recommit or cut lose the ones that may have fallen to the wayside and add any new mid year goals that you feel it’s time to attain. Make sure to pay special attention to your health goals. Remember without vibrant health all other goals take more time, energy and effort to accomplish. If you need help with your health goals I am here for you.

Clean, Cleanse, Clear

There are 3 main areas that usually need our attention. We reclaim abundant energy when we remove, reorganize and re-purpose the clutter in our environment.

  1. External Environment (home/office) – Start with the task or project that is the most annoying or the biggest energy drain. If it is a big project go ahead and chunk it down and give yourself a reasonable amount of time to get it done (don’t start another project before the first one is done). An organized environment brings a sense of peace.
  2. Internal Environment (the body) – The human body is exposed to an unrealistic amount of environmental toxins especially if you are not eating organic and non-GMO foods. It is important to do a detoxification program in the spring (and ideally again in the fall). There are all different types which I will be happy to help you find the right program for you.
  3. Non Local Environment (the mind) – Research has shown that the mind is not found anywhere in the human body, therefore it is non local. No matter where it is the mind still needs a good spring cleaning. Setting a little time aside for meditation, prayer or silent contemplation all pay great dividends when it comes to clearing the mind and reclaiming the energy a cluttered mind expends. If you are more adventurous try a weekend retreat.

Bonus Tip – To help clear out the clutter of those pesky physical, emotional, and mental habit patterns may I suggest 2 more activities.

  1. Attend our Somoto Respiratory Integration (SRI) Workshop
  2. Start or continue your Network Spinal Analysis Care

Now that you are armed with all of this information go out and seize the day or should I say the season.

I love answering your questions as well as hearing your insights and comments! Please keep them coming. Click here to contact me.


Be well,

Dr. Bob