Do You have a Question?

The type of questions you ask yourself will determine the direction life will take you. Ask questions to answer events in the past and you will live from your past. Ask questions at the same level of thinking that created a challenge and you will not succeed. In order to grow and evolve we need to change the quality of our questions. What is your reaction, thought or feeling to the following questions?

9Why does this always happen to me?

Who can fix this for me?

What is on the other side of this?

How can I resolve this?

What is the deeper meaning behind this?

Where is the gift in this?

How can I share this gift?

Each question represents a higher level of consciousness then the one before. To express your full human potential a heightened level of awareness is crucial. Asking empowering questions is a sign your awareness is expanding.

Good News…One of the outcomes of ongoing Network Spinal Analysis(NSA) care and Somato Respiratory Integration is expanded awareness. For more information check out our Infinite Program.

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