There’s “More”to Life!

“If you could have anything in life what would it be?” People’s answers usually contain the word “more” or infer “more”. More peace, more money, more love, healthier, happier, they have some8 and they desire “more”. You have the ability to have some; why not more?

In helping practice members manifest the life changes and healing they desire we’ve found that people need new strategies and resources to become more resourceful. When you increase your resourcefulness you have the power to create…”more.”

You are the seamless integration of body, mind and soul. The expanding awareness of this fact helps you choreograph the graceful dance that is life.

Hint! Be aware of your experience as is without judgment or defending. Acknowledge it by experiencing the experience. Accept it and the acknowledgement for what it is without the hunger to change, transform or end it.

“More” comes from the wisdom of fully experiencing life!

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