Do You Want Growth or Defense?

It’s a fact that cells cannot be in growth and defense simultaneously. Why is that significant?

Humans are a collection of 50 trillion highly specialized cells. While in defense, when cells 7reproduce they produce cells slightly inferior in health. Over time this creates less healthy tissues, glands, organs and eventually a less healthy human being.

Why are cells in defense? The easy answer: stress. There are three types: physical, environmental/chemical, mental/emotional. When the quality or quantity of stress is more than the perceived safety of your organism your body goes into defense and a fight/flight response occurs where your nervous system puts the energy and information of that experience on hold, locking it away in those cells, tissues or organs.

Network Spinal Analysis helps you discover the disconnection, suspend the defense response and frees your innate intelligence to self-regulate and self-heal.

Growth is where it’s at. Have your spine checked today!

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